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At Cubus Physio, we would like to support our patients with a tailor-made programme of therapeutic treatments to help regain a good and healthy attitude towards life after an injury or operation. Our offer is very varied and always adapted to the individual case, so that a patient benefits in the best way possible and physiotherapy leads as quickly as possible to the desired treatment goal.

Our offer for physiotherapy includes the following:

  • Manual therapy

  • Training therapy for athletes in recovery after injury/surgery

  • Active therapy, including on SensoPro and Total Gym (training device)

  • Manual trigger point treatment

  • Dry Needling Therapy (only Franziska)

  • Training advice for individual and team athletes

  • Posture training and advice on workplace ergonomics

  • Kinesiotaping and Taping for competitions

  • Shockwave therapy (radial)

  • Electro- and ultrasound therapy

  • Lymphatic drainage (only Sandra M.)

  • Pelvic Floor Therapiy (only Lara)

  • Therapy of the jaw joint (only Lara)

Our physiotherapists are recognised at all health and accident insurance companies. If a medical prescription is available, the insurance company will be invoiced directly.

All therapy mesures are also available without medical prescription (payed private).

In the massage (Nicole/Andrea) the following treatment methods are offered:

  • Classic massage

  • Sports massage

  • Trigger point massage

  • Foot reflexology massage

  • Lymphatic drainage

Our masseage therapists are registered with almost all supplementary insurance companies. Their services can be billed by the supplementary insurances. Please contact your insurance directly for more information.

As well, we offer various group training courses every week as Pilates, Yoga, Yogalates, Strenth&Conditioning and Summer-/Wintersports training. Read more at the Courses page.

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